Sitio Kisbong - Philippines - 1kg

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Origin: Sitio Kisbong, Caliking, Atok, Benguet, Philippines

Process: Natural

Variety: Typica and Red Bourbon

Flavour notes:

This is a full-bodied coffee, sugary sweet in between candy and caramel. It is accompanied by flavours of kumquat with a delightful hint of spice to finish.

Best for brew:

Espresso, filter or cold brew - great for all!

About the origin:

On a daily basis, 14 farmer families in Sitio Kisbong bring ripe cherries which are sun-dried on raised beds for 3-4 weeks, agitated every hour until the moisture reaches 10% before they are stored in grain pro bags and rest for 8-10 weeks before they’re hulled, and hand-sorted.

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