About Us


Initially our goal was simple, bring in that elusive "Kapeng Barako" for people to discover. However due to quality issues and low production yields (<7% of countrywide production), we chose to go on an adventure, look a little harder, a little higher and after approximately 397 kilometres found some of the finest coffee produced in the Philippines.

Our Philippine specialty coffee comes from two distinct areas in a landlocked province called Benguet. These areas offer very different varieties of Arabica coffee. 


Core Values

We are humans first

Each cup of coffee is cultivated, harvested, processed, roasted, and brewed by humans.

We want to make a difference and spread our passion for great coffee.

Quality across the board

Just as we value human life, we value every aspect of our coffee.

We double down on ethical and sustainable growth.

We see mistakes as opportunities to generate better results. We always look for ways to improve – good to better and keep going at it. We look for ways we can develop our coffee so you can focus on enjoying your daily brew.

Growing Together

We aim to grow your knowledge of coffee from sourcing to brewing as we grow ours.

We ensure that as you enjoy your coffee, our farmers enjoy theirs too!

We like working together. We value diverse views because we learn from it.

We value inputs and constructive feedback, and we ACT on it!