Sitio Belis - Philippines - 1kg

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Origin: Sitio Belis, Caliking, Atok, Benguet, Philippines

Process: Anaerobic Washed

Variety: Typica, Red Bourbon, San Ramon

Flavour notes:

Stone fruit, caramel, floral, sugary

Best for brew:

Espresso, filter or cold brew - great for all!

About the origin:

Belis sits atop a mountain range in Benguet, Philippines with an elevation of 1400 – 1700 masl. It is blessed with natural springs that flow all-year round and is home to vegetable and coffee growers. This community has been cultivating coffee since the end of WWII and while sayote is their primary crop, they expanded their backyard coffee plantation when buyers came looking for supply.

Farmers bring freshly picked cherries to the mill everyday, which are immediately processed into honeys and washed coffees. The honeys are pulped and dry-fermented for 24-48 hours before they are placed in raised beds to dry.

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